Our Technology Innovation Services

Transforming an idea into a finished piece of software is a rewarding, but challenging process.  It involves overcoming many unexpected obstacles. We’ve created services to help you address these challenges and obstacles.

Core services

  • Consultation

    Advice and information on emerging technologies, and answers to informatics and technology questions.

  • User-Centered Design

    Understand users’ behaviors, needs, and pain points. Build and test nearly any idea with users in about a week.

Tools for you

R&D Cloud
On-demand, custom, secure, virtualized computing environments, separate from the CDC network
Jira Software
A web-based project management tool designed to efficiently track & manage software development issues (tasks, bugs, etc.) [external resource]
A web-based source code repository [external resource]
App Lab
A tool to faciliate collaboration and testing of innovative, mobile application prototypes
A web-based tool to facilitate team collaboration through rapid and intuitive information sharing [external resource]