Create a companion resource to existing MMWR articles, which would provide easy reference to related subjects and material, covered within each issue of the MMWR, and would include novel visualizations of MMWR data.

Summary + Outcome

The goal of this project was to create a “surround” for existing MMWR articles. In other words, create a resource to easily collect and view relevant companion content (i.e., a knowledgebase) for existing MMWR articles. Although this provides value to a broad audience, it would provide significant value to students, where the additional related material would facilitate learning. This content would also include novel, interactive visualizations of MMWR data.


CDC’s MMWR Staff

Skills + Technology Used

• User Experience Design
• Software Development
• HTML application-in-page using JavaScript framework
• JavaScript
• Tableau [link]


• Prototype can be viewed here.
• Source code on Github.