Develop an iOS version of the BlackBerry mobile app to monitor the real-time locations of deployed CDC staff.

CDC Lifeguard is a simple, yet powerful mobile application, which assists CDC’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in monitoring the locations of deployed CDC staff. Once activated, CDC Lifeguard sends a signal to the EOC every 15 minutes. The signal data transmitted does not contain any PII. The app also offers the ability to immediately transmit a device’s current location, as well as call the EOC 24/7.

CDC’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC)

• Object-Oriented Programming
• iOS Mobile App Development
• UI Design
• Knowledge of networking protocols HTTP, TCP/IP
• Xcode, Apple’s Integrated Development Environment for build iOS apps
• Objective-C, programming language
• Core Location, Apple’s framework for GPS location services
• SiteCatalyst, to report app usage metrics to centralized server
• VoiceOver, Apple’s screen-reading technology to assist visual impaired in app use

• Download app from App Lab.
• iOS source code on Github.