To create a web-based application to assist the CDC communication surveillance team in their data collection and report generation processes.

The goal of this project has been to develop a web-based tool to enable the Division of Emergency Operations’ (DEO) Emergency Risk Communication Branch to transform their manual, MS Word-based data collection and report generation process into an efficient, automated process via a novel, IIU-designed, web-based application. Within each 24-hour response cycle, staff from this DEO branch gathers data from news and social media channels, identifying core themes, information gaps, rumors, and emerging issues from the public’s perspective. This new web application would significantly improve the efficiency of the team’s ability to generate reports. Currently the DEO team generates many reports per week and estimate a reduction time of 2 – 3 hours (per report). Additionally, the streamlined system would automatically generate consistent and standardized final reports. This standardization would reduce the learning curve for new DEO staff to collect data (e.g., learning formatting standards, learning the sequencing of report content), while helping the communication (JIC) and response (INMS) leadership in reviewing the reports generated.


CDC’s Division of Emergency Operations (DEO) Communication Surveillance team.

• Single page web app development
• RESTful API creation
• Use of NoSQL databases
• Denormalized data model design
• Responsive design
• MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.js) stack, full-stack javascript framework for web apps
• JavaScript
• Amazon Web Services (AWS), scalable cloud services for application hosting
• Mongoose, object modeling for MongoDB on Node.js
• Bamboo, Continuous integration and deployment

• Source code on Github.