To provide a structured, secure virtual place where employees and units within HHS could pitch and find projects, provide and find backing, and give-and-receive feedback on projects of shared interest.

Summary + Outcome

The provided screenshots represent the early design / low-fidelity mockup of the core features of the web application. Loosely based on the Kickstarter/Indiegogo crowdfunding platforms. An important difference between this portal and existing crowdfunding platforms is that the types of “backing” that could be provided in the HHS context would include not only financial, but also in-kind resources (e.g., staff or subject matter expertise, serving as a user/tester, feedback etc.)


HHS – Office of the Chief Technology Officer

Skills & Technology Used

• Public Health Informatics
• User Experience Design
• Balsamiq Mockup
• Adobe Photoshop
• notableapp.com