What’s new in EMCAScript 6 (ES6): A developer perspective

EMCAScript 6 (ES6) is that latest version of JavaScript that was released in June 2015. I have been using and testing ES6 over the past few weeks. I feel that there are some great features that will improve the quality of life for developers who use simple scripts, as well as complex web applications. I wanted to highlight some of these features that would be useful for anyone developing with JavaScript.

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The evolution of HL7 Standards: V2 to FHIR

HL7 is the abbreviation for the term, Health Level-7.   The organization, HL7, provides international standards for the structuring and transmission of clinical and administrative data in the healthcare domain.   One HL7 interoperability specification used for many years has been version 2.x, otherwise known as V2.  V2 has been a standard used to codify medical (led by billing) information and transmit it between computerized medical systems. The standard was developed and finalized during the 1980s, and thus was optimized for lower memory and storage usage in the very early stages of networked computing; thus it was an implicitly typed flat-file.

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Using Git for an Effective Development Workflow

Overview The following is an outline of the branching, merging, and workflow conventions that can help development teams manage parallel feature development and release management. This workflow style is taken directly from http://nvie.com/posts/a­successful-git­branching­model/ Please visit that site to read the full­ length post on the details of this method.

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Password Expiration Instructions for IIU VMs

If you received an email notice from our team that your password for your IIU R&D virtual machine(s) will expire in X day(s), it is recommended that you change it before it expires by connecting to one of your Windows VMs here.

Once you are connected to your VM:

  1. click tab on the right
  2. click icon with three boxes
  3. click “Change a password”
















If you do not change your password before it expires, you change it here.

The requirements for new password are as following:

  • Minimum password length must be eight characters
  • Requirement at least one uppercase letter
  • Requirement at least one lowercase letter
  • Requirement at least one number or special character

Please contact us at informaticslab@cdc.gov if you have any questions