Creating a Javascript (JQuery) powered application-in-page

As part of the MMWR Express project, the team created a new web resource, “Photon Admin.”  Photon Admin is a Javascript (JQuery) powered application-in-page built to tranform MMWR article blue-boxes into JSON ‘Blobs’ that can be easily consumed by the MMWR Express mobile application.  The blobs generated by Photon Admin – affectionately referred to as  “Blob The Builder” are then posted to a feed via CDC’s Content Syndication service  (akin to a CDC hosted “feedburner” account) – where the information can then be consumed by MMWR Express.

Current status:  The stable build, affectionately known as “Blob the Builder”, has been retired alongside MMWR express as the MMWR publication has moved into the new CDC WCMS which uses reactive design to be readable by mobile devices.

It was deployed to the informatics lab’s externally accessible demo site, which may still be accessible here .

Installation and Operation instructions:  Download the latest release of Blob the Builder in a zip, unpack the zip, and ten open the webpage via a web browser (note, this does not have to be deployed to a web-server).  Copy a link from a desired MMWR article, click “Load article” and the blue box information should populate.  Then, fill out some tags (multi-word tags can be surrounded by quotes), and click “Generate Blob”.  Then, if you have access to, you can access the photon-feed and post the blob to a new feed item.

Code for “blob the builder is availble from GitHub.

Included screenshots:  Sample “blob” and a screenshot of “Blob the Builder”