Team Insights for other developers: Angular Filters: Things of Nifty

Here are some thoughts from one our lead web developers, while working on one of our new web applications…..

…all the time I spent working (climbing up the learning curve) with the AngularJS location manager was made up today when I discovered how pleasant angular filters were.  Our team currently stores several of our labels and attributes as ‘camelCase’ and I wanted to have a quick JavaScript algorithm that would use a RegEx to turn them into everyday readable text.  I started by coding up an unCamelCase function in the main controller… and then another team member told me, “This seems like a situation where you could use an Angular Filter”.

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Creating a Javascript (JQuery) powered application-in-page

As part of the MMWR Express project, the team created a new web resource, “Photon Admin.”  Photon Admin is a Javascript (JQuery) powered application-in-page built to tranform MMWR article blue-boxes into JSON ‘Blobs’ that can be easily consumed by the MMWR Express mobile application.  The blobs generated by Photon Admin – affectionately referred to as  “Blob The Builder” are then posted to a feed via CDC’s Content Syndication service  (akin to a CDC hosted “feedburner” account) – where the information can then be consumed by MMWR Express.

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WISQARS Mobile for iOS

WISQARS (Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System) is an interactive database that provides customized reports of injury-related data. The WISQARS Mobile App allows for sharing injury-related information on a tablet. The app dynamically-displays selected leading causes of injury death data using maps and charts of national and state-level death counts and rates. The app also enhances the user-friendliness of WISQARS and ready access to injury-related death data.

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